Vip Tutor: Get VIP Tutoring for Families or Individuals

Elite Educational Development is proud to offer VIP tutors and private teachers of the highest calibre for home lessons with students of all ages.

As an English tutor agency, all our home visit teaching staff are highly trained and experienced for optimum results in exams and school entrance tests. Our employees generally teach one-to-one classes to assist and are ready to help children who are struggling in a particular subject such as English, French, Maths, Science or Economics.​

Elite Educational Development is proud to offer a native tutor and private teacher for home lessons with students of all ages.

In addition, all are therefore able to co-ordinate with teachers and faculty to help with homework to ensure your child is comfortable at school, as well as empowering them to make strong progress in their studies.

We are also well placed for provide one on one tutors in language acquisition for adult learners wishing to improve their language skills at home, corporation or place of work.

Speak with a team member and find out how we can help

Your personal full or part-time tutor

EED also provide native language tutors for a wide variety of languages including English, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Spanish.

Most commonly for younger learners, language tutors provide study-focused lessons for after school sessions of 1-2 hours ​or sometimes weekend days.

For adult learners of English or other languages our tutors are ready to fit in your busy work day at a time that suits you online or in person. Our qualified and supportive tutors are also able to accompany your family for extra study whilst travelling during the holiday periods. Please call us for more information.

What working conditions are typical for a language tutor?

A native language tutor can work in accordance to the specific needs of the client.

You may wish to take someone on 2-3 times per week to help with language or specialist subject tuition. Most tutors already reside in the country of choice and work on a part time basis so there is no need to arrange visas.

There are times when our clients require intensive daily tuition to accelerate their learning.

We can arrange this for you on a short or long term basis. For long term full time placements, visa and accommodation costs may be applicable. Please contact us regarding your specific needs for a tutor and allow us to find you an exceptional teacher to help you and your family reach their goals.​

What's best for you and your family?

Tutors are typically chosen by families whose children already have a busy schedule and want to catch up at school, prepare for lessons or even prepare for entrance into a specific school either in their home country or overseas, such as Eton, Harrow, Charterhouse and more.

Many of our tutors have prior experience working with these institutions and understand their requirements. Some tutors will visit the family home to conduct lessons, or as often is the case with adult learners, lessons will be held in the company office.

Full time tutors for adult learners can accompany the student in meetings to provide tutorials, translation or help presentation preparation if it is to be conducted in English or any other new language they are learning. In addition, tutors are available to travel on holidays or on the road for working trips.

For families with younger children, or looking for a full-time tutor who can fit a large number of hours around their own specific schedule we recommend considering a full time governor or governess.

Due to the hands-on and direct approach of individual tutoring charges can expect to see progress and results in written or subject specific lessons very soon.

Whatever you and your family's needs, don't hesitate to reach out and set up a free consultation with one of our experts. Hundreds of parents trust us to create long term plans for their children's educational development and to help them set their learning goals for years to come.