VIP Personal Assistant Services - Premier Staffing and Support!

EED specialises in providing top-tier personal assistant services to high-net-worth individuals and families in London, Dubai and across the globe. VIP personal assistants from EED are adept at managing complex schedules and high demands and generally make life and daily operations simple for our clients.

If you wish to work with our agency, EED will recruit candidates who bring more than just organisational skills to the table. Your new PA will be a cornerstone in the management of your personal and professional life and every detail will be handled with confidentiality and precision.

Employing a celebrity personal assistant means entrusting your day-to-day tasks to a professional who understands the nuances of high-profile living. For this reason our candidates have a wealth of experience and typically speak multiple languages. Many are equipped with additional skills in business administration, public relations or lifestyle management.

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What does a VIP PA do?

You can expect meticulous attention to your schedule, communication, travel arrangements and personal affairs. Typical high-end personal assistant services include:

Calendar Management: Organizing and prioritising professional and personal appointments.
Communication Handling: Managing emails, correspondence, and calls with discretion.
Executive Event Planning: From private gatherings to grand events, overseeing all aspects to ensure perfection.
Travel Coordination: Arranging travel itineraries, accommodations, and transportation (both domestic and international).
Daily Administrative Management: From handling personal shopping and meal coordination to managing household staff and overseeing property maintenance.
Professional Support: Assisting with business operations, managing projects, and maintaining client relationships.
Lifestyle Management: From booking leisure activities to ensuring that lifestyle preferences are seamlessly integrated into daily routines.

What are the working conditions for our PAs?

Our candidates are prepared to work flexible hours, adapting to the demanding and unpredictable schedules typical of our clients' lifestyles. They are therefore available to work a fixed schedule either full-time or part-time, or custom timetables according to the client’s needs.

  • Flexibility: Candidates can work according to the family or individual’s schedule, including weekends or shift work as required.
  • Compensation: Salaries are generally competitive, reflecting the skills, languages, and capabilities of the assistant. Please get in touch for more information.
  • Benefits: Accommodation arrangements, travel opportunities, medical insurance, and paid holiday should be included in the employment package.


Why work with EED?

Employing a PA from EED will bring you a high level of personal and professional efficiency. It’s an essential step toward optimising your time and enhancing your quality of life in a fast-paced world. We will leverage our existing network and search to ensure a perfect choice of top professionals willing to fill the job as outlined by you.