VIP Executive Assistant Agency: Find Your Personal Administrative Assistant Today!

At EED, we are renowned for our dedication to pairing elite executives with professional VIP Executive Assistants in London, Dubai and worldwide. Hiring such an assistant will add a strategic edge to your daily operations, allowing you to excel in your corporate role in the knowledge that your personal commitments are being managed efficiently.

A VIP EA (or administrative support specialist) from EED is more than just a support staff member; they are an integral part of the executive team, offering high-level administrative support and enhancing executive output through strategic planning and detailed organisation.

Hiring a VIP Assistant means integrating a highly skilled professional into your corporate structure. Our assistants are well-versed in corporate etiquette with advanced communication skills, and are trained in handling sensitive information discreetly and securely.

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What does a VIP Assistant do?

A VIP EA provides comprehensive support tailored specifically to the needs of the principal, including but not limited to:

Strategic Planning: Assisting in scheduling, forward planning and logistics to maximise productivity.
Corporate Communication: Handling incoming and outgoing communications, representing the executive in meetings if required.
Document Management: Preparing, organising and reviewing important documents and presentations, ensuring they are handled with utmost confidentiality.
Event Coordination: Managing both corporate and personal events, ensuring flawless execution.

Additional tasks that an VIP Assistant may oversee include:

Daily Operations: Streamlining day-to-day tasks to enhance efficiency, including management of email correspondence and scheduling.

Business Support: Providing critical support during business meetings, preparing reports, and conducting research to inform executive decisions.

Personal Assistance: Managing personal appointments and travel, ensuring the executive's personal life is as well-organised as their professional life.

What are the working conditions for candidates?

Packages are negotiable and competitive, typically reflecting the high demands of a dynamic executive lifestyle:

Working Hours: Generally tailored to fit the principal’s schedule, with the possibility to discuss availability for overtime and weekends with additional payment.
Remuneration: Competitive salaries reflecting the assistant’s qualifications and experience in executive support. Please get in touch for more details.
Perks: EA perks tend to include travel with the principal, opportunities for professional development, and comprehensive health benefits.

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