Hire a Private Chef Today: Exclusive Candidates Available Now! 

If you are looking to hire a chef through an agency, at EED we source top chefs experienced in catering exclusively to the culinary preferences and dietary requirements of high-net-worth individuals and families. Our Private Chefs are not only masters of cuisine but also experts in creating personalised dining experiences that align perfectly with the lifestyle and health goals of you and your family.

Employing a Private Chef means enjoying the luxury of restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own home. Our chefs are proficient in a wide range of cuisines, from classic French to modern fusion, and are skilled in adapting to your specific dietary needs and preferences of your household.

Recruitment with our agency will bring a blend of passion, expertise, and creativity to your kitchen, ensuring every meal is an event in itself. Whether crafting daily meals, special occasion dinners, or elaborate party menus, your chef will focus on delivering both taste and presentation of the highest standard.

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What does a Private Chef do?

Private Chefs handle all aspects of kitchen management and meal preparation, including:

  • Menu Planning: Designing menus that cater to your personal tastes and dietary requirements, including organic, gluten-free, or vegan variants.
  • Meal Preparation: Preparing nutritious and delicious meals, ensuring that each dish is perfectly suited to your preferences.
  • Special Events: Creating bespoke menus for gatherings, celebrations, or formal events, managing every aspect of meal presentation and service.
  • Grocery Shopping: Selecting the freshest ingredients, considering both quality and sustainability.
  • Kitchen Management: Ensuring the kitchen is stocked, organised, and maintained to professional standards.
  • Dining Experience: Providing not just meals but a complete dining experience, including setting, serving, and explaining courses during meals.

What are the working conditions for candidates?

Our Private Chefs are available to work full time or part time depending on your requirements. We can also source chefs for temporary work, including summer or international vacation home placements.

  • Schedule Flexibility: Tailored to fit your lifestyle, including weekends and holidays as needed.
  • Compensation: Competitive salaries that reflect their culinary skills and experience. Please get in touch for more information.
  • Benefits: May include accommodations if live-in arrangements are preferred, as well as health insurance and other standard staff benefits.

Why work with EED?

In hiring a Private Chef from EED you can expect an unparalleled culinary experience tailored to your exact specifications. Our chef service not only enhances your daily dining but will also ensure that your home becomes a hub of hospitality and gourmet cuisine.