VIP Nanny Agency: Find Celebrity Nannies with Our Award Winning Agency!

Are you looking for a top VIP English nanny who shows the perfect blend of warmth, professionalism?

Our VIP nanny agency is a professional nanny placement service that provides high-quality childcare solutions worldwide, for families with demanding schedules. The agency carefully screens and selects experienced, qualified nannies who are then matched with families based on their individual needs and preferences.

Our London based VIP nanny agency offers a wide range of staffing services for UHNW individuals/ VIPs/ celebrities and royalty, from full-time live-in arrangements to short-term seasonal services and temporary roles, and bilingual nanny takes care of the child’s wellbeing and general behaviour.

We know that hiring an international nanny is the best way to raise a child to be bilingual. As the child spends time hearing, understanding and speaking the language from a young age, he or she also develops a native level of fluency and a clean accent with excellent language ability.

Supervising play and providing an interactive and constructive learning environment, looking after nutritional, clothing and health requirements, and interacting with the nursery or household staff are all tasks our nannies perform to ensure your little ones best interests are always at heart. Work with us for the peace of mind and convenience that comes with using a VIP nanny agency.

Speak with a team member and find out how we can help

During the initial consultation with us we will address the questions that will help us find the right candidate fit for you, including:

-What are the specific needs of your family?
-What kind of nanny profile do you want?
-Do you want a live-in or live-out nanny?
-What is your budget?
-What are the hours you need child care?
-Do you require the candidate to babysit at times or commit to babysitting as part of the role?
-Are you looking for a short term or long term commitment and when is the start date?
-Do you have any special needs children?
-Has your family had a nanny or au pair before?
-Is there anything else the nanny will be responsible for (e.g. light housekeeping, cooking, school visits, etc.)?
-Do you wish the nanny to join you on holidays?
-Have you worked with agencies before?

Nanny placement FAQs

-What are the qualifications of the nannies?
All our nannies are qualified in childcare, education or teaching according to the roles they apply for. Many hold specialist degrees in Early Childhood Education or similar

-How much experience do they have?
We require all our candidates to have a minimum of 3 years' proven working experience with families in a similar previous job, unless otherwise specified. Many candidates started early working as a babysitter or babysitters before finding they wanted a long term career in childcare. Moving onto become fully trained nannies and professionals.

-Are they CPR and First Aid certified?
The vast majority of our candidates you meet will have completed CPR training or hold a First Aid certificate. Specific qualifications and skills will be detailed and listed in their resume for you to read

-Do they have any criminal background?
We require all our candidates to provide extensive references and to submit a criminal background check/ disclosure before they are placed into working roles.

-Do they offer a trial period?
All placements start with a 2-week trial period and clients are covered by a 3-month candidate replacement guarantee to allow us to connect you with the perfect match

What will a native English nanny do for you?

The schedule of a nanny depends on a number of factors.

Nanny positions can be either rota (week on, week off, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off or month on, month off) or can also be 5 or 6 days per week, similar to a governor or governess position.

Rota nanny jobs are usually live-in in a private separate room or apartment on the family property.

5 or 6 day positions may be live-in or live-out, sometimes sharing a bedroom with the charge(s) (particularly if they are of a very young age) and sometimes not.

Nanny duties will typically be similar to those of a governess.

If the children are of educated school age, with the additional tasks of providing overnight care, taking care of health and medicine, clothing, and often nutrition. Help with homework or schooling may or may not be required.

If the children are too young for school (or if you hire a maternity nanny for a newborn) duties may or may not include accompanying the child to nursery or any sporting activities, similar to a governess.

The schedule is also almost certain to include spending time outside in the fresh air (if weather permits), playing educational games at home to promote speech and learning, and reading stories together.