School admissions specialist for Dubai, Ref.PTC4024

28th July 2022 eed_adminJobs

Our returning client is seeking a school admissions consultant who can advise on entry to an international or British curriculum school in Dubai for the family’s 5 year-old daughter. The little girl is due to start school in September 2022 and the family would like advice on schools and time spent with the little girl …

Weekend nanny/tutor in Primrose Hill, London, Ref.PT4014

12th July 2022 eed_adminJobs

A high-profile family living in Primrose Hill seeks a permanent weekend nanny/tutor to work with 6-year old son and 3-year old daughter, and occasional care for a newborn baby (due November, mother will be primary carer). All the children are happy & healthy. The little boy attends school full time and the girl will start …

Teacher for IB DP English in top international school in Moscow, Ref FT4022

11th July 2022 eed_adminJobs

The estimated start date is August 16th, 2022. Requirements B. Sc/BA or MA Degree in English language or English Literature B. Ed, Bachelors with Teaching Qualification, M. Ed, PGCE or PGDE or similar teaching qualification Minimum 3-5 years of IBDP teaching experience in strong IB Schools Experience as an examiner in the related subject (preferred) …

Summer English governess role in Turkey, Ref. SG4019

- Position Filled -
1st July 2022 eed_adminJobs

A Turkish family are looking for a governess/ tutor to work with a 6-year-old boy this summer, from July 8th until the end of August. The boy speaks English well and attends school in the UK. Time will be spent working with the charge over the summer for 6 days per week at the family’s …

Full-time French Governess in London

, Ref.FG4018

14th June 2022 eed_adminJobs

A family based in central London seeks a French-language career governess and educator to work with their 3 sons aged 9, 7 and 5. The boys speak English fluently and French at an intermediate level. Their French speaking and listening are good, but their reading and writing need some attention. They enjoy learning and are …

Professional housekeeper in London, Ref. FH4017

26th May 2022 eed_adminJobs

A VIP family living in High Street, Kensington, London, is looking for a professional housekeeper to take care of their home on a 5 days per week, 8 hours per day basis.

 The housekeeper should be well experienced in VIP homes, English speaking, know how to take care of the client’s wardrobe, dishes, antique furniture …

Summer governess or governor in Dubai
, Ref. FG4016

- Position Filled -
17th May 2022 eed_adminJobs

A lovely family well-known to the agency is looking for an English-language governess to work ASAP (before the end of May 2022) until July 7th in MBR city – District One, Dubai. The governess should ideally have a British accent and will work with the family’s 3 children aged 3, 4 and 7, keeping up …

Summer Governess in London, Ref. FG4015

- Position Filled -
17th May 2022 eed_adminJobs

An international family in central London is looking for a qualified and experienced Early Years governess to work with them over the summer. The family would like the governess to work with their 3-year old daughter and help her prepare for possible entry into the UK school system in the autumn. This role may be …

Governess in London, Ref. FG4010

3rd May 2022 eed_adminJobs

A family based in central London seeks a career governess and tutor to work with a 6-year-old boy. The boy speaks English well and is attending school in the UK. Time will be spent working with him after school through the week, plus one or two weekend days. The family would like the governess to …

English Governess in Cannes, Ref. FG4011

- Position Filled -
28th April 2022 eed_adminJobs

A friendly and kind family travelling this summer seeks British governess for a summer role that may turn into a full-time position, working with a 5-year old girl. The family will spend most of the summer in Cannes, France. The girl is a beginner in English, so the governess should introduce her to the language …

French nanny in Gstaad, Switzerland, Ref.FG4009

- Position Filled -
31st March 2022 eed_adminJobs

The role: A young, friendly family with 4 kids is seeking a French nanny to join their household team in Gstaad, Switzerland, starting in June 2022. The French language nanny will be taking over from a maternity nurse and working together with the current nanny, on a 5/2 schedule. There will be a handover with …

Full Time Governess in the Netherlands, Ref. FG4007

- Position Filled -
1st March 2022 eed_adminJobs

An international family living close to The Hague in the Netherlands is looking for a loving, caring, and qualified governess to join them long-term. The family live in a fully-staffed house and require a candidate with experience in a similar role to work as a tutor and guardian for their sons aged 11 and 13. …

Travel Nanny needed for February in Dubai and Switzerland . Ref3051b

- Position Filled -
27th January 2022 eed_adminJobs

URGENT! Family based in Dubai is seeing a travel nanny for the month of February. The job would entail coming to Dubai at the end of January/start of February and going with the family to Switzerland from around February 10th to 19th as the 3 children (girls ages 2 and 5, boy age 7) are …

Full Time Governess in Muscat, Oman Ref. FG4002

- Position Filled -
27th January 2022 eed_adminJobs

A VIP family based in Muscat, Oman, seeks a full-time governess to work with two boys aged 7 and 8, on a salary of 1200gbp/ week The role: The role of the governess will be to help and encourage the children to reach their full academic potential. The boys attend the local international school but, …

Part Time Tutor in London, Ref. PT4001

- Position Filled -
6th January 2022 eed_adminJobs

A friendly London family seeks an experienced and qualified tutor to work with a boy aged 6. The boy already speaks English to a good level English and the family would like a tutor to help him with his English and Maths homework. The boy is doing well at school but the family feel a …

Full-time Governess in Emirates Hills, Dubai, Ref. FT 3051

- Position Filled -
27th December 2021 eed_adminJobs

Trained, experienced Teaching Governess and Home Supervisor For Executive Family in Dubai A Pakistani-American family living in Dubai, Emirates Hills (plus travel), is looking for a live-in governess to help raise three children (a 7-year old boy and two girls aged 5 and 2) and to assist with running the family home. The two older …

English Nanny for Boy 2YO in Cyprus & London Ref: FN3046

- Position Filled -
27th October 2021 eed_adminJobs

An international family seeks a trained, degree-educated and psychologically-focused full-time nanny/ governess to join their household and work with their son, aged 1 year 10 months. This position will start ASAP in Cyprus, and the family will relocate back to their London home in December. The candidate should speak English on a native level and …