Summer governess, nanny, tutor or sports coach

If you wish to have a native speaker accompany you on your family holiday, we can provide qualified instructors in all subjects to travel with you.

We are also ready to assist with sports coaching or part time language instruction. At EED we can arrange whatever you need to ensure your summer break goes smoothly.

Summer tutoring is the ideal way to prepare a child for a September return to school with a head start or a language boost.

Families often choose an English language tutor or subject-specific tutors to accompany them in their own hometown or to travel with them during the summer, typically on month-long or two-month placements.

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Summer tutoring and coaching schedule

Summer tutors often travel with a family to Italy, France or the destination of the family’s choice, living nearby in a hotel or in a spare room in the family’s own accommodation (if available).

If the tutor is language specific, they will probably want to assess the charge’s school program and prepare a short curriculum tailored to the child to ensure progress in the areas which require improvement. They may also do the same if tutoring maths or economics, for example.

What working conditions are typical for a summer tutor?

Governors or Governesses are ready to work an average of 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week, with one or two days off per week.

Weekends can be working days according to the needs of the family. Shift work is also possible (for example, 1 week on/off or month on/off). Again, this is to be decided when discussing the needs of the family in our initial consultation

The salary for the employee is calculated from the number of children in the family, the work schedule, and special requirements for the candidate (for example, knowledge of additional languages in perfection, music or sports education, etc.)

If the tutor is working in more of a governor or governess role, they may also accompany the children during the day in leisure activities, trips to parks, beaches or other excursions, and to restaurants where they can provide the charge with a ‘general’ English language environment.

This is a fantastic way for your child to boost their language ability in English or other languages: engaging with a professional teacher whilst still enjoying their summer.

EED can also provide your family with a sports coach. If you need a swimming coach, tennis coach or football to keep your child fit and healthy whilst at the same time conversing with them in English and providing them with an English environment, please call us to discuss.