English governor or governess required for 4-year old boy in London – FG2048

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25th November 2020 eed_adminJobs

A young, friendly Russian family based in Holland Park, London is looking for governor or governess with teaching qualifications to provide care and English tuition to their 4-year old son.

The governor or governess should help the boy (who already speaks English) to settle into school and provide general care and support for him. He is a warm and friendly boy, happy in general and making good academic progress.

The right candidate would be a kind, positive, creative, energetic person with experience in teaching small children. A sporting background or knowledge of a musical instrument or a second language would be an advantage. The candidate should have native-level fluency in English.

The approximate schedule for this job would be live-in for 4 nights (5 working days) with a separate room and bathroom provided. The candidate will have their own privacy there. Sundays and Mondays will be days off when the governor or governess can travel home, or they can stay in the family home in if they wish.

The candidate should also be ready to travel with the family when required. The family live in a fully staffed house in Holland Park, Central London.

Offer: Salary of £52,000 per year 5 days live-in work, preferably Tuesday – Saturday with Sundays and Mondays off

Worldwide travel with the family after COVID-19 restrictions lifted

Requirements: Well educated and kind native-level English governor or governess with a clear accent

Candidates with teaching qualifications much preferred

Experience in a similar role

Knowledge of music or an additional language would be a plus (ideally French)


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