Instructional Educational Developer/ Teacher in Antalya, Turkey, Ref.FT4027

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15th September 2022 eed_adminJob

Seeking an instructional teacher to carry out a variety of teaching and learning activities for groups of adults in Antalya, Turkey.

The role:

Under the direction of the Group Director, the Instructional Developer works independently and collectively with subject experts to create materials grounded in sound educational theory and best practice in technology.

Candidates are expected to effectively integrate the best practices of instructional design and technology through the use of multimedia, software and online learning programmes, as well as engaging with on-site practicums with state of the art technology.

The primary focus of this job is on the development and day-to-day delivery of programme services, and the evaluation of learning and programme outcomes. The Instructional Developer is expected to act fairly autonomously within the guidelines set forth by the Group Director and is expected to carry out varied and complex teaching and learning activities.

Key responsibilities of the candidate:

-To collaborate with university faculty and Group staff in the selection, use and implementation of learning technology; make recommendations to individual staff or departments based on programme and client needs. 

-To design and produce academic courses and learning modules using course management software, and other comprehensive course techniques. 

-To conduct workshops, seminars and other training programmes in the course design and related technology usage; and to provide faculty development training on an individual and group basis.

-To research best practice in the field of education; recommend for purchase new technology, software, and equipment to support instructional development; provide supporting budgetary information. 

-To provide support to other instructional design staff to ensure the successful completion of all assigned projects within production schedule. 

-To act as a Project or Team Lead, if requested. 

-To design, coordinate, implement and evaluate engaging practicum experiences for students. 

-To collect and analyse programme data and participate in evaluating programme effectiveness; identify problem areas and make recommendations for improvements. 

-To develop and maintain educational materials, documentation, manuals and other training resources to effectively deliver services.

 -To mentor and train students and staff members on new technology and initiatives in instructional design and development. 

-To serve as a resource to the University community relating to policy, procedure and services provided by the Group.

The candidate:

The right candidate will have a Post Graduate or Master’s degree in education, language, or a similar related field. The teacher should also have at least five years’ experience in designing and delivering learning programmes in multicultural and multidisciplinary learning environments. 

The candidate should be able to demonstrate knowledge of media technology and instructional design theory in an academic setting.

Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills are essential, as well as excellent work ethic and organisational ability.

The offer:

1500 gbp/week
Two year contract 

All visa costs covered by the employer

Medical insurance care

Accommodation stipend for lodging in beautiful Antalya

4 weeks’ paid holiday and 10 days’ paid sick leave per annum

Work schedule totalling 4.5 working days per week

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