Native-level French language tutor with ability to coach football in London – Ref XFT013

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8th October 2019 eed_adminJobs

A Russian family based in London are looking for a full-time French teacher to work with their sons aged 11 and 12, on a schedule of up to 40 hours per week. The tutor should also have football coaching qualifications and knowledge in order to engage the boys in the sport and to improve their footballing ability.

Days off for this position will be one week day and one weekend day (for example, Sundays and Mondays off), although the boys usually attend school until around 5pm in the evening – so mostly evening starts. The tutor should be aware that the two boys are quite boisterous, and thus should ideally have a firm grip.

The boys speak fluent English and Russian already; their level of French is intermediate. The family have very high standards and would like their teacher to speak French at a native-level, as well as being highly qualified in language teaching. The teacher should be capable of putting together a curriculum which helps the boys to develop their spoken fluency, whilst also developing their grammatical and lexical sills to help them achieve the same level of French as their English and Russian. The tutor should be ready to coordinate with the boys’ French teacher at school and ensure their homework is always up to standard.

The boys adore football (as does their father) and regularly attend football camps in different parts of the UK. Coaching football will be a big part of the schedule – they spend at least 1-2 hours per day working on their skills and playing at a high level. The tutor should be comfortable playing at a similar level as well as coming up with a training schedule for the boys to partake in. Trips to Premier League, Champions League and international games will be included and paid for by the family.

The family travel regularly including trips back to their native Russia, trips to the Maldives and the South of France (where they have a family home). The household is fully staffed and the tutor should be comfortable working as part of a team.

Salary for this position starts from £4500/ month, to be negotiated directly with the family. The tutor should organise his own accommodation and transport to work whilst in London – these will be provided whilst in Russia or travelling overseas.


Native-level French language tutor
Football coaching qualifications

Active, positive, reliable, and well-mannered person
Experience with kids of similar ages

Teaching qualifications required


Full-time job

5/2 schedule for up to 40 hours/ week

Live-out position


Salary offer from £4500 per month

Long-term job (one-year contract)

Start ASAP

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