Experienced and well educated governess fluent in English and French needed for great position in Dubai Ref – FG1008

21st January 2019 eed_adminJobs

A wonderful family in Dubai are looking for bilingual governess to work with their four children:two boys and 2 girls aged 15, 13, 9, 6. The candidate should be an experienced, kind, responsible and energetic person, ideally aged between 25 and 35. Governess shall normally work the following days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and every other Saturday.
Working hours will be: from Sunday to Thursday 2 PM – 10 PM; Saturday one straight shift of 10 hours (flexible timing).

Live out position in Dubai
6 days per week
Negotiable salary around 4200 GBP per month
Visa, insurance, and annual plane ticket to home country

Preferably bilingual French and English governess aged 25-35
Teaching qualifications
Experience in a similar role
Good personal character

Objectives as requirement of governess’ employment:

Educational objectives: homework assistance, English/French language mastering, increasing science awareness and knowledge, developing educational skills (daily reading of books, stories, articles, etc. suitable to children’s age).

Social development objectives: organize play dates, teach social skills, public speaking and self-presenting in various environments, develop self-confidence and ability to find solutions to any problem, build teamwork and collaboration, develop etiquette, table manners, keep daily habits/routine of teeth brushing, cloth tiding, room arranging, toys organizing, etc.

Entertainment objectives: organizing sports activities and accompanying to all various sports activities, organizing movies, theatre and museum outings.
School Days (Sunday to Thursday): dressing the children, take them to school, bring back from school, homework assistance, cooking healthy meals for kids, some activities or entertainment, prepare for bed and prepare their school bags and lunch box for next day. Saturdays/Fridays: breakfast, outdoor activities, play dates, sports activities, prepare bags for following school day.

Other Examples of duties and responsibilities:

Create and implement age-specific and appropriate activities for assigned children to ensure that they thrive developmentally, emotionally, physically and academically;
Oversee children’s activities to ensure that they are safe and secure, and arrange for a safe environment for them;
Teach the kids specialized subjects. This includes math, history or music instrument for example;
Ascertain that all assigned children follow set rules and routine for play and study, and ensure that their environments are conducive to learning and comfort;
Teach manners, etiquette and right code of conduct, safety and discipline;
Engage children in conversation to determine their specific likes and dislikes, and gauge their individual personalities;
Ensure the child’s timetable is adequate and allow for the day to run smoothly;
Liaise with school and educate the children at home by assisting with their homework, PT meetings, home class teachers coordination regarding homework and education;
Confer with parents to determine their specific requirements for childminding, based on each child’s specific needs;
Provide solid feedback to parents regarding their children’s abilities and limitation and offer suggestions for improvements;
Prepare children for exams and school assessments;
Encourage children to behave appropriately and complete their studies;
Kids bed time stories;
Staying overnight with the children when required;
Travelling with the family when needed and sharing accommodation with family when required;
Driving the kids for/from school and to their outdoors activities and playdates;
Other responsibilities as required

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