English Governor needed for Full time position in Moscow Ref – FG1042

21st June 2019 eed_adminJobs

English governor for 4 children (11,9,7 – boys and 5 – girl) boys. The work in the pair with another governor, it means that you will not be with all the children at one time. Novaya Riga | 5/2, unfixed hours a day|| GBP 200- 240 per day (240 on holidays)

This is supposed to be a 1-year contract, first 3 months are the trial period (July, August in France with the 6/1). A French and a British governor have been working with the family for a long time.
The governor will work together with a French governor.
There are 4 children in the family
The candidate between the ages of 20 and 35 are considered.
A candidate should be the English native speaker; the family prefers candidates who have a little knowledge of Russian or don’t speak Russian at all.
A candidate needs to be active, positive, reliable, and well mannered (etiquette and manners are necessary), keen on sports (football, tennis, swimming, boxing, wrestling). A good education is also required (prestigious schools and universities of England/the US).
Organizing the children’s leisure time, active games in accordance with their age and health.
English speaking communication and interaction with the children on a daily basis.
Accompanying the children on their way to school, kindergarten, afterschool activities, during travelling and on holidays.
Teaching all subjects following the British curriculum to prepare the children for studying at British schools.
Teaching good manners to the children.
Carrying out English language skills development activities.
SCHEDULE:  5/2, days off during the week, unfixed hours a day
Usually, the governor works there from 3 pm -10 pm when children at school and on weekends from 12-10 pm
LOCATION:  Novaya Riga
Salary:  GBP 200- 240 per day
Accommodation:   the flat is provided, the driver to the house is provided


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