Domestic Couple Agency: Hiring Household Staff Couples for You!

Hiring a Domestic Couple to provide top-tier, comprehensive home management for you as an individual or for your family is easy with EED. We are experienced in the placement of Domestic Couples in London, Dubai and worldwide, and have helped many families to source a Domestic Couple to streamline home management.

A Domestic Couple from EED will manage a wide range of household duties, combining their skills to maintain your property both indoors and out, manage staff, and ensure all aspects of your home life are taken care of with a certain professionalism and personal attention.

Hiring a Domestic Couple is ideal for large properties or busy households that are not always occupied, as our couples provide hands-on attention from maintenance to personal service, and a general overseeing of day-to-day operations.

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What does a Domestic Couple do?

Domestic Couples typically share responsibilities that can include but are not limited to:

  • Housekeeping and Maintenance: Managing the cleanliness and upkeep of the home, including washing, ironing and general repairs.
  • Gardening and Property Care: Looking after outdoor areas; performing basic gardening tasks to keep the grounds pristine.
  • Culinary Services: One partner may take the lead in the kitchen, providing meal planning and cooking, catering to family preferences and dietary needs.
  • Administrative Tasks: Handling household bills, schedules, and possibly even overseeing other staff members.
  • Security and Safety Monitoring: Ensuring the property is secure and that all safety protocols are followed.
  • Personal Assistance: Providing personal shopping, travel coordination, and other bespoke services to meet the family’s needs when the principal is in residence.

What are the working conditions for Domestic Couple candidates?

Our Domestic Couples are flexible and adaptable, prepared to fit into the unique rhythm of your household:

  • Work Hours: Typically full-time, with flexibility required depending on the needs and events of the household. More hours may be required when the principal & family are in residence
  • Compensation: Competitive salary reflecting their dual role and the breadth of their responsibilities, typically from €6000-9,000 per month in total.
  • Benefits: Often includes live-in accommodations, ensuring they are available to manage responsibilities effectively.