Butler Services - Unparalleled Elegance and Efficiency in Household Management

If you are a client looking to hire a Butler through an agency, EED specialises in providing distinguished Butler services to high-net-worth individuals and HNW families seeking the highest standards of personal and household management. Our Butlers are the epitome of professionalism, bringing traditional values of service combined with modern management skills to your residence in the London, Dubai or overseas.

Candidates from our domestic personnel agency are trained to handle a wide array of responsibilities, ensuring that every aspect of your household runs smoothly and discreetly. An EED Butler will not only manage your household but also anticipate your needs, providing service that is both thoughtful and meticulous.

Employing a Butler from EED therefore means adding a layer of sophistication and efficiency to your daily life.

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What does a Butler do?

Butlers are responsible for a broad range of management tasks and personal services, including:

  • Household Management: Overseeing the general operation of a formal home, coordinating other staff, meals, cleaning and that the management of household accounts and budgets if required.
  • Event Coordination: Planning and executing formal dinners, parties, and other events, ensuring that each detail reflects the homeowner’s tastes and standards.
  • Personal Service: Attending to the personal needs of the domestic household, from managing schedules to ensuring that all guest interactions are handled with grace and professionalism.
  • Guest Reception: Managing all aspects of guest care, including welcoming and accommodating special requests.
  • Lifestyle Management: Coordinating personal shopping, travel arrangements, and sometimes even wardrobe management.

What are the working conditions for Butler candidates?

Our Butlers are prepared to work in varied environments, always upholding the best and highest standards of professionalism in every area:

  • Flexibility: Tailored working hours, including the need for availability during special events and possibly travel, can be negotiated.
  • Compensation: Competitive salary reflecting the Butler’s expertise and level of responsibility. Please get in touch with us for more information.
  • Benefits: The Butler’s package generally includes accommodation within the estate and other standard employment benefits such as health insurance.

Why work with us?

A Butler from EED will be a trusted professional who not only manages your household affairs but enhances your private lifestyle through dedicated and discrete service. The hiring of a butler from our exclusive household staffing agency is perfect for those who value tradition, discretion, and impeccable service standards. All our candidates are meticulous screened and selected from our recruitment specialists to allow you the peace of mind when selecting household staff.