Full-time Governess in Emirates Hills, Dubai, Ref. FT 3051

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27th December 2021 eed_adminJobs

Trained, experienced Teaching Governess and Home Supervisor For Executive Family in Dubai

A Pakistani-American family living in Dubai, Emirates Hills (plus travel), is looking for a live-in governess to help raise three children (a 7-year old boy and two girls aged 5 and 2) and to assist with running the family home. The two older children attend a prominent international school with the UK curriculum and the youngest has just begun nursery.
Duties will include:

-Providing personal, psychological, emotional, and social development for the children and raising them in a way to ensure they will become independent as they mature. This will include monitoring the environment of the children at home and at school.

-A positive, loving, and fun approach towards child-care, which includes fostering a love of academics, worldly knowledge, and culture. Ensuring at all times that the children’s safety is a top priority. (ie. seatbelts on in the car, ensuring only permissible foods are consumed by the children especially while traveling, etc)

-Giving complete support of all learning – from tutoring to all homework and school preparations across all subjects (including extra-curricular). Ideally, the children should be pushed to achieve their personal best.

-Having excellent knowledge across all subjects to aid children in fostering deep interests in their passions. This may include reaching out to other parties and arranging support (ie. private coding classes, etc) where appropriate.

-Helping the children become independent in getting ready for school in the mornings and bedtimes in the evenings after their day is complete.

-Being able to have a long-term partnership with the children’s mother and working collaboratively and cohesively on all projects.

-Helping to manage household staff (maids, drivers, cooks, etc), including taking leadership initiatives where appropriate, to ensure the best care possible is provided for the children at all times by all the parties involved. This includes the building and maintaining of SOPs in the household with the mother, as well as monitoring their execution on an ongoing basis.

-Taking responsibility of the children’s wardrobes and belongings. The children should be taught to organise and maintain their belongings, appearances, personal items as well as their schedules.

-Taking care of personal shopping and errands where required.

-Researching experiences for the children’s development (summer camps, holidays, local events, etc) and activities that support knowledge and skill-building (horse riding, skiing, ice skating, etc). Also researching potential schools if required.

-Ensuring the children eat nutritious meals by themselves at a developmentally appropriate level. Helping to design healthy, nutritious, balanced menus which are realistically feasible in execution. Making sure the children take all necessary health supplements and medication as per doctor’s directions.

-Organising the household in a neat and efficient manner. Also planning, organising, and executing events such as playdates, birthday parties, family outings, home gatherings, etc.

-Aiding the mother in creating a wonderful home full of love, health, happiness, acceptance, kindness, responsibility, empathy, affection, resilience, fulfilling relationships, harmony, and peace.

-Being willing to stay with the kids during travel time. The family travels during school breaks (often to Pakistan and London, and occasionally Switzerland, Canada, USA etc may happen too). On rare occasions the governess may be requested to travel without the parents but with the children and a supportive nanny or nannies. She will plan the packing, itinerary, travel menu, and daily schedules for the children.

-The role will require working 5 or 6 days a week with a day off during the standard school week as the family requires assistance the most during the weekends. No cooking, laundry, or cleaning is required as the household is fully staffed. However, during travels, assistance is greatly appreciated.


5 or 6 days per week for up to 50 hours with a weekday off

TBC in interview with family

One-year contract

Visa provided

Healthcare provided

Annual flight tickets home
Separate room in the family home provided with en-suite bathroom

Salary up to 25,000 AED per month, dependent on candidate qualifications and experience (and after 3-months work on a ‘probationary’ basis.

Travel overseas

Native-level English governess/ tutor
Teaching qualifications or a background in Early Years

BA Degree

An understanding of nutrition
Well-educated, kind, creative person able to build a strong rapport with the charges
5 years’ experience in a similar role
Background check and references required

Fully vaccinated with travel passport

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